Flash Animation:

Flash cartoons are brief animated films. The world of web animation enhances and is an alternative to traditional information delivery. The elements of animation can include graphics, sound, interactivity, feedback, and special effects. Just click here to view some of my simple Flash films.


Photography is one of my passions. I feel that photography and videography are intertwined. Each allows the luxury of telling a story over a single frame or a span of frames. I believe in the power of visuals and that a beautiful photo can stop time. My photography features a wide range of subjects including landscapes, cityscapes, nature, and animals. Come see my photography.


Let’s face it, PowerPoint can be boring and oftentimes the presenter loses their audience’s attention. Presenters put too much information on slides, distract their audiences with bad clip art, too many bullet points, too much animation and a tiny font, and they read directly from their own presentations instead of conversing with stories and ideas. Using graphics and basic design skills, I create and design visually interesting and highly effective interactive presentations. Click here to see my presentations.


Is print dead? This is a huge debate that’s been buzzing around the marketing world as the digital age advances. If you’re confused, you’re not alone! The answer to this BIG Question is NO. Print media is still an important tool in marketing and here’s why. Only print has a readership. Unlike websites, which are often skimmed in a few seconds, consumers are more engaged when reading printed material. Besides, print is a strong call-to-action medium and can solidify your brand message. I invite you to see my print materials.


People relate to people. Videos not only take us to the heart of issues, but they can increase awareness and understanding and elevate brand message. Storytelling through videos is an excellent way to produce compelling content and creates an emotional and communicative connection with your customers. My videos create a powerful story and capture emotion. Watch my videos now!