Get to Know ME…

Headshot of meProfessional

Welcome. I’m Reneé, and I love to design media. I bring a combination of talent and extensive experience in healthcare and Information Technology. Working towards a more expressive career, I continued my studies in Communications and Digital Media.

My introduction to film and design was fateful. While taking a social media class, I was introduced to the art of film and design. I never turned back. My interest in multimedia has blossomed into a flair for design, film, and photography. Partnering with Healthcare for the Homeless, I created videos and posters on raising awareness on homelessness in Baltimore. Additionally, a couple of my photographs have been published in The Baltimore Sun. As a multimedia producer, I can tell your story through film and design.

I’d just like to add…

I have so many things about which I am passionate in life! Among them are music, cooking, and photography. Summer, books, and travel are essential in life as well, and I find great joy in hiking, bookstores, and thunderstorms. In my free time, I like reading, watching football, visiting museums, and attending outdoor concerts. I absolutely could not live without music in my life. My tastes are wide and varying and include practically everything except for the obvious.

Spending time in nature is an essential part of maintaining balance for me. By surrounding myself with nature, I find a tremendous source of grounding and an energy boost by taking in the sights and smells of the trees. I find a real connection to nature that gives me the solitude and peace I need whenever life gets to be too hectic.